10 Day Juice Reboot


That’s right, I’m going to juice – again. Aside from this week, the past couple weeks I haven’t exercised much and have eaten poorly.  I was making really good progress on the treadmill in June, I started by running for two minutes and worked myself up to a mile pretty quickly, but I have since plateaued and have not exceeded a mile.  Part of it is my energy level, and trying to stay motivated.  I now have two 5K runs (one in September and one in October) and I’m really not prepared for the one in September as of now.  I’m hoping a 10-day juice fast will get me back on track, focused, detoxed, and pumped full of energy.

I recently re-read a lot of my juicing posts to re-motivate myself, and albeit not being able to eat whatever I want whenever I want will suck, this time its only for 10 days, and the energy I got and how clean I felt in doing it was amazing.  Not to mention, after I juiced the last time I went to Disney and ate bad afterwards and then took 2 months off from exercising and ate bad too.  I have no immediate events coming up to throw me off course, just two 5Ks to prepare for and I feel confident that a juice fast will get me back on track and heading in the right direction.  The goal this time is not weight loss, its simply to increase my energy level, detox my body, and get in control of my appetite.  I’m going to start Saturday, so by Monday I will be feeling a lot better, and will resume my work outs (I take the weekends off).  I have a love/hate relationship with juicing, but I can’t deny the health benefits, and am looking forward to feeling better and moving towards my goals of running 5k.

Let me know if you guys have any questions or have certain topics you would like me to blog about :)

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